Wonderful Merciful Savior

He Has Overcome the World

Many people have different reasons for celebrating Easter.  I was raised with the Easter bunny bringing yummy gifts, and special surprises.  My Grandma told a story, about how Easter was her favorite time of year because her and her sister each got a new dress, they were poor and could only afford one dress a year, so Easter become important to her and because this was always her favorite time of year she celebrated every year by taking a trip back to Nebraska, so my Dad also remembers Easter as being special.

I love spring and so naturally Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  In high school I learned about Jesus and the true meaning of Easter in my world history class, but it wasn’t until I became a Christian in 2006 that Easter really began to mean something more to me.  And then in the fall of 2009 when my daughter Payton died, spring brought about a feeling of new beginnings, after a long hard winter.  But the significance of Easter goes way beyond that, and can be summarized with one word.  REPENTENCE.  Repentance is turning from idols to serve the living and true God.  You can’t turn to God until you have turned away from the things that have stolen your affections.  Then when we turn to Him, He will grow our life into something beautiful here on earth.  “Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me…..Restore to me the joy of your salvation.”  (Psalm 51:10&12)

Before the world began God had a perfect plan for all of his children.  A plan that would lead no one to boast, a plan that would give all of the glory to God!  This perfect plan required the sacrifice of a perfect and spotless, lamb….Jesus Christ.  God’s perfect Son, who didn’t deserve any of the punishment that he was given, but gave up life His for us, that we may be set free!  Losing my precious daughter gave me a glimpse of just how God must have felt making this plan.  Jesus was part God, Payton was part me.  Jesus was innocent, Payton was as innocent as any human can be, she was born into sin and death but by her innocence was raised into everlasting life.  And it is all because of JESUS!

I know that life is hard, that we often go through things that we don’t think we deserve.  But the one thing that we really don’t deserve is the love of God and the grace that he has given us.  With God’s perfect plan we can spend an eternity with him and see beautiful and unexplainably wonderful things that are beyond our wildest imaginations and all we have to do is have faith in Him.  “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)  He has overcome the world!


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  1. He has in deed!

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