Wonderful Merciful Savior


There is only one word that really describes this day ‘Beautiful’.  The fog is hanging low on the fresh green hills; there is just something about days like this that make Heaven feel so near.  Like I could almost walk to the top of that hill and be there.

And I think to myself, wouldn’t Jesus pick a day like this to come.  So that the clouds could split open and He could appear shinning through them with all of His glory!  Sometimes when I sit at the computer and look out my window at the beauty around me the image feels so real.  Have you ever noticed that everything about Jesus seems more real than even the touchable things here on earth?

On days like this I find my mind wandering away to Him.  What will I do when I see Him?  Will I bow down at His feet, will I fall on my face before Him, or will I just stand there in awe and amazement not really sure what to do.  One thing I know for sure I will be smiling!

Today I watched a story about a lady that I want to be like.  Her name is Sarah.  She has an incredible way of making people feel good about themselves and she cares more about their lives then her own.  I didn’t know her.  She went home to be with the Lord in 2011, but she has taught me such a valuable lesson from her beautiful words.  This is an excerpt from her blog “Gitz Girl” that I just have to share.

 I learned that it was all about the person, and in order to care about the person I needed to choose to care about what was important to them, and make it important to me.

I was thinking about this because you all saw this photo and said you weren’t sure who was more the kid, me or Elias:


And the truth is that I couldn’t have cared less about a car zooming off the bed. But I cared that Elias did. His interest became my interest and his excitement became my excitement, and before I knew it I was filled up with contagious joy.

We all do that for children. Imagine if we did that for other adults as well.

Imagine if we cared more about them feeling happy than us feeling right.

Imagine if we cared more about them feeling known than us feeling superior.

Imagine if we cared more about them feeling accepted than us feeling righteous.

Imagine if we cared more about them feeling joy than us feeling envy.

Imagine if we cared more about them feeling abundance than us feeling security.

Maybe sometimes it’s not so much about being who we are at all costs. Maybe sometimes it’s about letting go of who we are to see who we might become.

These are such beautiful words from such a wonderful person!  Find out more about Sarah’s story @ http://www.incourage.me/category/bloom.


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