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Today while I w…


Today while I was pondering why I haven’t written lately, I realized that every excuse that I could give is only that, only an excuse.  Life doesn’t really ever have to be too busy for God, but sometimes I make it that way.  I thank God everyday for the people that He puts into my life that help me realize that I am not doing what He wants me to do.

Writing has never been my favorite activity.  I would much rather be doing a whole list of other things, but for some reason God has put it on my heart to write.  Why?  I don’t really know.  When searching for my talent, I have always wound up troubled.  I can do a lot of things OK, but I’m not really good at anything.

I have always blamed it on being a ranch girl.  At a young age I was told to figure stuff out and get it done, and I became good at getting things to work without much to work with.  My favorite thing to do is train horses, and I would love to have a place where special needs children could come and ride my horses, but that dream is far away.  Even with the beautiful view outside my window while sitting at the computer isn’t much help because I think of all of the wonderful things I could be doing on the other side of that window that are so much more compelling.  But I will try to focus.

Today I heard a wonderful story from a man that came to speak at our church.  He talked about a bunch of starfish that had washed up on a beach, there were thousands!  And this man just started throwing all of them back into the water one by one.  A passerby stopped and said that he was wasting his time because even if he spent three days he wouldn’t even get half of them back into the water, he could never save them.  And the man said, as throwing a starfish back into the water, “I saved that one!”

Sometimes my job as a Christian, wife and mother, seems small and meaningless sometimes I don’t feel like I really matter.  But I do matter to those people in my life that I touch.  God has great plans for my life!  And he has great plans for yours too!  The bible is full of stories of ordinary people with an extraordinary God.


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  1. You’re right …you do matter and all the things that you do…writing and otherwise…Diane

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