Wonderful Merciful Savior

Draw Near

Draw Near

I was in the grocery store when my two year old had to “go potty”. If anyone has a two year old you know what that is like. So we were in a hurry! He took the lead and began running in every direction that was not toward the restrooms. This way and that weaving in and out of aisles, while I “led” him to his destination. If I had not been constantly guiding him back to me I don’t think he would have ever made it. What a clear reminder of what our Father in Heaven does for us. We run blindly through this world going our own way. I know the destination that I want to reach. I desperately want to be with Him, but do I always listen to Him? No! I zig-zag through my life, constantly taking twists and turns and detours that I am sure were not part of His original plan. If my son had listened to me and drew close to me, I would have held his hand and the trek would have been so much easier. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8


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