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There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

Although the bible is a book offering great promises and living water to quench the parched lips of all those who believe in the truths found tucked inside it’s covers, it is also a book that clearly presents the condemnation of sin. No other book proclaims so completely how desperate and deprived man is when …

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He Was Crushed For Our Iniquities, He Died For Our Souls

These words are taken from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, they were just so good, I couldn’t think of how to put it into my own words.  Lets remember Him today and what he did on this day two thousand years ago.  He died that we might live FOREVER!  Let us try to live our lives more …

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The Love of God

Wouldn’t you love to hear God say that to you?  “This is my son (daughter), whom I love, with you I am well pleased”. (Mark 9:7).  If God ever said one phrase to me, ever, I would want it to be this!  Isn’t that was we strive for every day, the love and approval of …

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